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Dear, dear neglected blogreaders. It's been a fascinating few weeks. I just haven't had the time to sit and type up a proper blog entry. Sure, I've been READING blogs-- or skimming-- but I can do that on my Nook. I've been Tweeting and occasionally Facebooking, but those are those in-between short-attention-span things you can do while, say, manning a reference desk or parenting small children. Within reason. At least much more than typing a proper blog entry is. So let me catch you up on the past, um, month. Ish.

In Which I Give You a Real-Life Update

First, the personal news: Jason has a new job, finally-- if you know anything about him, you've probably figured out that this has been something he's been looking for for a LONG, LONG TIME. It's still just machine operation, but the pay, benefits, working conditions, and apparently management is SO much better that we can't even fault it (much) for being 2nd shift. I'm working out a new work schedule-- since mine is based around him being DAY shift-- and if the 5-year-old goes to afternoon kindergarten in the fall (likely), we'll have mornings as our family time and lunchtime as our Dinner. At least until first grade.

In MY workplace, on the other hand, we have a new director coming in. I met her last week, and we pretty much laughed the entire time, so... that's possibly a good sign.

The bad personal news is I've had a mysterious and horrendously painful sore throat for the past week and a half, which two different doctors have looked at and determined that I, well, don't have any DISEASE that they can see, and the strep test was negative. The second doctor decided I probably just have something STUCK IN MY TONSILS which is being irritating, and I'm just supposed to gargle a lot and take painkillers when needed. This is NOT SOLVING ANYTHING. If it's still a problem by Monday I'm calling for a referral to an actual ear-nose-and-throat specialist. Jason said, "I hope you don't have tonsillitis," and I said, "I hope I DO have tonsillitis, so they can just take those tonsils out and BE RID OF THEM." Better than "gargle a lot and hope it goes away soon." good personal health news, my antidepressants are back to being Straightened Out. Actually I'm not even sure I mentioned to you (on any of my social media outlets) about the week I got a dosage increase and started having anxiety attacks. Yeah, fun stuff. Told you, it's been an interesting few weeks.

In Which We Wander Into the Bizarre Depths of My Imagination

I had this great nightmare last night about a satanic cult posing as a church (of a completely different sort) camp, and there were exploding snakes and bloody demons and people who appeared to be nice who WEREN'T and undercover sabotage-of-their-facilities and rescue missions and dramatic escapes by boat and antique car and a secret meeting posing as a premature labor. It was really scary! But it was so very plot-filled that I really didn't mind, once I woke up.

See, my brain chemicals are balancing out, but I haven't quite rid myself of the Negative Thought Processes. I SEE, logically, that I can make up stories, that my subconscious mind is CONSTANTLY making up stories, but then real life intrudes and I can't justify it. There's always so much else I SHOULD be doing, and none of my story ideas is calling to me SO much that I can make myself sit still and focus. My husband, frankly, doesn't understand. He's not an artist, so can't believe that writing is anything more than a hobby, and why should I write when there are so many other things not getting done? His mother is even worse. And I just don't believe in myself anymore, period. I'm too scared to start again. I can't devote the time and energy to it because nobody really wants me to be a writer. That's one of those negative and probably wrong thoughts, but I have lots more concrete evidence to support my No One Needs Me To Be a Writer stance than I do concrete evidence that Anyone Cares For My Point of View, or even that Anyone In My Real Life Understands. But at least I can see where the problem is, now. Maybe that's a start.

In Which I Go Off on Librarianish Topics

On the other hand, I've been oddly aware of an actual skill I DO have, lately-- I'm a dang good reference librarian. I still feel awkward and like I ought to be coming up with more programs and that I'm just not AMBITIOUS enough (I've got a younger coworker, just starting library school, who is SUPER ambitious and is always starting projects and I always feel like she's looking at me thinking "Why aren't YOU doing all this?"). But someone needs help finding something? I am good. Not just talking a quick catalog search and a call number lookup. I'm saying, for nonfiction or topic-based searching, coming up with lots of different ideas of where to search and what to use. For fiction, excellently helpful readers advisory-- I find stuff people LOVE. In general, giving people a little more help-- and a lot of friendly respect-- than they're expecting (it's one of those times I'm actually good with people-- because I know what I'm doing). One thing about my new work schedule coming up-- I hope to still get to work some evenings, some after-school time, because that's when people really need help with the Finding Stuff... and dang, it feels good to have something I know I'm good with, when the rest of my life is a long hopeless process of convincing myself that I don't Suck.

In Which I Get On The Topic of My TRUE Self, Which Is General Fangirl

Of course, in real life, all these serious real life things take up most of my, well, real life. This is why I often distract myself by thinking about and caring about things that Technically Aren't Important In The Grand Scheme of Things, but Nonetheless Interest and Amuse Me. Take, for example, the subject of my last real post, The Fuse #8 Children's Book Poll Countdown. I am still obsessed with it, but possibly a little disappointed. I should have seen that coming, because I DID change my votes around from last time, and the WAY I changed them around was by adding MORE OBSCURE stuff I'd discovered, and stubbornly still voting for Ghosts I Have Been even though I was the only person who voted for it last time. But we're up in the 30s now, and there are a LOT of my votes I know I'm going to have to give up on showing up by this point. Now, there are votes I KNOW are going to show up later, way at the top of the polls-- I suspect about half my ten novels will end up in the top ten of that list (Wrinkle, Secret Garden, Anne, Holes, and Harry Potter, specifically. They were all in the top ten LAST time, at least), but so far not only have I only gotten ONE of my votes on that list (at #31... which still seems low to me. How is Alice not Top Ten for EVERYONE? This may be my own brain issues), and even my Almost-votes have been few and far between. Though, there's also been more titles I've never read... which may mean more exciting discoveries!

Anyway, I've had much more luck with the Picture Book list: I've had at least three votes make it already, and lots more I love. Though I know by now I probably need to give up on seeing my biggest new pick, Barbara Lehman's The Red Book, make it, and though I was shocked to see Daniel Pinkwater's Big Orange Splot actually make the list last time, there's no way it's getting past #30 this time. But that's only two of the picture books. The others I suspect I'll be seeing eventually.

...of stuff I've read lately...

But speaking of good books, I've had good fortune in the reading department lately, after my long dry spell of being burnt out. The LAST FOUR BOOKS I'VE READ have all been getting-caught-up-in, not-wanting-to-put-down, attempting-to-get-away-with-reading-at-more-times-of-day-than-just-before-bed books. It's been awhile since I've encountered even ONE of those in a row. Granted, it's still taken me an entire month to get THROUGH these four books, and actually I'm still not done with two of them (one's nonfiction, one's fiction, one's on my Nook, one's a real book from the library-- so they're two completely different reading experiences. That's how I can read them both at the same time).

There was, of course, The Dark Lord of Derkholm, which neatly encompassed everything that is so great about Diana Wynne Jones, and I have a bit of a new literary crush on Derk. Which is funny because my other DWJ crush is Chrestomanci, who, aside from being a magic user and a father, is UTTERLY COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. But Derk reminded me a bit of a character of my own that I've had brewing-- for that possibly turning The Pipeweed Mafia Saga into something Useful-- and in general that whole idea felt oddly DWJ-ish-- so as usual, she sparks my imagination. I LOVE THAT WOMAN. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER.

There was Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor, an upper-middle-grade fantasy that REALLY needs more attention, because it's so delightfully unique-- actually, speaking of which, it was blurbed by Diana Wynne Jones, and you can see why. It's thoroughly CREEPY (the bad guy is a serial killer, and there's something so REALISTIC about that in the middle of a fantasy that it makes it a thousand times scarier than some fantastic monster would be) and yet laugh out loud funny at times, full of unique magical twists. Also, it takes place in Nigeria. The only other SFF I've read set in Africa and incorporating African mythology (not counting Egypt-- Egypt gets done) is another of my favorites, The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, which as I've said also makes me say "Why on earth is there not more SFF set in Africa?! It's so rich with possibility!"

The two books I'm in the middle of reading are actually adult books, because that happens sometimes. The one on the Nook-- which I try to confine myself to little bits of off and on, to make it last longer-- is the ever-delightful, unbelievably hilarious, kindredly (and vocally-supportively) mentally ill Bloggess's memoir Let's Pretend This Never Happened. And look, people, I was never AGAINST eReading-- using the Internet is, after all, eReading, and I do a lot of that-- but after only the INTRODUCTION I regretted not having the book in hard copy, if only because a hard copy is much easier to throw at Jason (maybe not literally) and say "READ THIS. Just this chapter at least. And the next chapter." Not so easy to share on a Nook. Unless the other person has a Nook. So somehow actually OWNING an eReader has made me MORE of a luddite about paper books. (Though I do love it for Internet reading, and interesting apps. I got a thesaurus app. It's pretty awesome).

The other book is kind of ironic because it's by Shannon Hale, who mostly writes YA, but somehow I've NEVER read any of her actual YA books (except the graphic novel Rapunzel's Revenge which is debatably Middle Grade anyway), but I've now, counting this one, read ALL her ADULT books. WEIRD. And this one is probably my favorite of said adult books, even over her Austen-themed ones: The Actor and the Housewife, which is, *ahem,* frighteningly similar to, uh, some of my own fantasies, only involving very different characters. Actually, just recently Hale blogged that the main character was probably her "most controversial character" and that lots of people didn't like her because she was "hard to relate to" or something. As I started READING the book just a few days later, I thought "WHAT?!" I friggin' LOVE Becky Jack! Granted, she might be a little much to take in person in real life (I would feel utterly inadequate in her presense), but as a book character she is hilarious and unique and I love her SO THERE, WORLD.

...and of film and such lately

Speaking of *muttering* inappropriatefantasiesinvolvingactorsandhousewives */endmuttering,* you do realize what television thing happened in this past month, right? I'M AFRAID MAYBE YOU DON'T. Sherlock series 2 finally made it to PBS! And now it's over again! It zipped by in three weeks with entirely not enough fanfare. Where WAS fandom? Oh, right, they'd all already pirated the show or bought UK DVDs for their Region-Free players. :P I felt utterly lonely-- once more, it was like nobody cared but me. BUT, somehow, I managed to get Jason hooked too. He probably STARTED watching just to poke fun of Martin Freeman whenever possible (he never stopped with that)-- also he claimed he was there to keep me from licking the TV-- but after very little time he was actually enjoying it properly, laughing in the right places, exclaiming about plot twists, and NOT BEING DISTRACTED BY ANYTHING ELSE, which in itself is amazing for Mr. ADHD. And no matter what Jason says, MARTIN WAS AWESOME. He was SO UTTERLY PERFECTLY WONDERFUL. That's how I review things, all balanced and objective, like. Anyway, I don't know why Jason was so offended when I burst out how desperately I wanted to hug John Watson at the end. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO HUG HIM? I'm just saying. Anyway, so if you, once again, MISSED IT, I'm pretty sure PBS is still streaming it on their website. SERIOUSLY I'M NOT KIDDING, GO BASK IN MY IMAGINARY HUSBAND BEING AWESOME. And everyone else being pretty much awesome, too, but that's just a bonus.

Okay, right, in other TV news, sort of, did you know The A.V. Club is now retroactively reviewing Animaniacs? It is even MORE AWESOME THAN I EXPECTED, bringing back so many laughs I'd forgotten about. Like this one somebody brought up in the comments: "Okay one time, see one time, Randy Beaman's aunt was sitting on her porch, and she felt her dog licking her feet, only it wasn't her dog, it was some crazy guy who liked doing that. Okay, bye." I'D COMPLETELY forgot about the Randy Beaman bits, PERIOD, and THAT one was like my FAVORITE LINE EVER. I laughed so hard reading that comment that I was forced to de-lurk myself just to comment how excited I was about it. Seriously. Best cartoon ever. NO ARGUING.

In Which I Try To Wrap Things Up

So, is that it? Is that the past month, or at least, everything you need to know about it? Kids are all right. So's everybody. We's getting on at least. And now I'll go make sure the kids aren't destroying anything or each other. Maybe, MAYBE, I'll post more often after this.

Date: 2012-06-03 05:23 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I guess you could count Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys as a fantasy that makes use of African mythology, even though it doesn't take place in Africa.

Date: 2012-06-03 08:13 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I've actually never read that, though I keep being tempted to. I didn't care for American Gods, and I know they're related, but I've also heard they're completely different in tone, so...

Date: 2012-06-03 08:19 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
There are similar themes in both, and the characterization of Anansi is basically the same, but I liked the story and the characters a lot better in Anansi Boys. Maybe it was because the main character was easier to identify with than Shadow was.

Date: 2012-06-03 09:44 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
That makes it all sound MUCH cooler than American Gods, because I LIKED those things (the themes, and "Mr. Nancy") about it!

Becky from Twitter

Date: 2012-06-03 07:34 pm (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
I hope your throat gets better soon. :( My best friend was feeling very blah about her skills as a writer and why even bother when there was a new baby to raise, but it really helped her out when she found some women at church (maybe not the best setting for you to look considering the dream. ;) ) who like writing and now they trade off babysitting once a week or twice a month so one can have some free time for writing. It's really gotten her excited about writing again and she has someone to talk to about it who understands (I wouldn't say I'm not an artist, but I definitely have different feelings on writing (currently hating the thought of it due to incomplete degree) and also a lack of understanding what it's like to be married or with kids). Maybe you could start a writers club at the library? Then you'd have a reason to write on their time and you'd have a program to compete with the peppy newcomer.

Sorry I wasn't a better Sherlock buddy. I'm one of the evil masses that saw it early on YouTube or similar sites that only had it briefly before copyright caught up to them. :) Not exactly pirating, but close enough. Sadly I'd come to "hate" fandom by the time the show was actually on PBS and I'd transferred that bitterness to the show itself. Martin of course was flawless anyway but there didn't seem to be as much of him as last series.

I have quite a stack of (comic) books to read but I'm going to recommend the African one to my sister. She likes to read children and YA fantasy stuff and most of the kids she teaches are African-American so it might be something she could rec to get them excited to read. She challenges them to read over summer and if they read more books than her they get a prize.

PS I was more of a Tiny Toons fan, but I wouldn't object to them starting to show Animaniacs on TV again. We need a good looney tunes based cartoon on TV, enough of letting Disney dominate. We were never a Disney family growing up, it was all Warner Brothers. :)

Re: Becky from Twitter

Date: 2012-06-03 08:57 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
There's a children's writers' critique group that meets at the Big Library and is actually run by the head of the Western PA chapter of SCBWI (who is also, coincidentally, the first Real Author I ever met in person as a child). I attended once or twice, but they actually charge dues (and STEEP ones in my opinion), and lately it hasn't fit into my schedule, either, so... I haven't. I could use some more real life supportive people though. I could probably use some real life friends :P, but what. I would make excuses about it, anyway. Somehow I've got to get past the "I can't" phase.

I DID notice a shocking dearth of John Watson in the last half, or third, or something, of "Scandal," which did annoy me, but I wouldn't say there was noticeably less of him otherwise. Any part he WAS in was so utterly fabulous that it took up all my attention-- and the last one. Even I was impressed more than usual with Martin's acting in the last one. I know, Andrew Scott was incredible and it's nice he got to win the BAFTA this once since Martin got it last year, but I really thought Martin still deserved it more, in that last episode. Just because he's got the least FLASHY character of the show, so easy to be overlooked...! Speaking of being annoyed with fandom, I've noticed a severe lack of Martin EVERYWHERE. The other actors get all the attention and he just gets a passing mention. That's actually not so much a fandom complaint as just a complaint on media coverage of the show in general. Which was, in general, ALSO incredibly rare. Why wasn't it a cover story on TV Guide? SURELY it OUGHT to have been. It got SO much media coverage in Europe, and I wasn't expecting THAT much here, but I was expecting a little more than Basically Ignored except for a few odd articles on "Benedict Cumberbatch is So Up-and-Coming" here and there. Yes, I have a serious bias. I can't wait until The Hobbit starts getting Way Too Much media attention in the fall. As long as they don't spend all their media attention on those dang dwarves.

Oh, definitely have her read both Africa-set SFF books I mentioned, Akata Witch AND The Ear the Eye and the Arm, because the latter is one of my favorite books but never gets talked about nearly enough! Also, not to generalize (but then again you were sort of doing the same thing with Maybe her African-American students would be interested in African-based books), but you guys are Mormon, right? Have YOU read any Shannon Hale? She's not only an excellent writer but a proud Mormon herself, and that book I'm reading now, that main character (whom I think is so awesome but apparently there are other people who don't and they're STUPID) is a devout Mormon and her life as such is woven very securely into the plot and character development. It's cool.

Ironically, I'd always been hugely into the Disney Afternoon cartoons, and when they were ousted by Tiny Toons I was ANNOYED with Tiny Toons at first, but then I ended up loving it SO MUCH MORE. But THEN Animaniacs happened and it just wiped everything else away with its absolute absurdity. I became immediate friends with one of my good high school friends because she could sing "Yakko's World" the whole way through without messing up.

And I think my throat IS a bit better, now, thank you. A bit, anyway.

Re: Becky from Twitter

Date: 2012-06-04 08:58 pm (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
I really need to watch the series again. Any scene without Martin is not the best as far as I'm concerned. :) And I especially need to see the end of the last show bigger than the screen of my phone. Knowing the plot points removed any urgency but I'm missing the chance to bask.

I don't mind a little generalizing, though I think I offended my sister with my suggestion her kids might like it, but it may've just been that she wasn't planning a book challenge this summer and I came out of left field with it. :) I recognize the name now that you said she's Mormon, I think I stumbled upon her blog/website through a friend or maybe an RT. She does some princess books or something? I'm pretty sure my best friend is a fan and has said good things about her on goodreads.

I have a terrible secret to tell you, please don't hate me, I just don't gravitate towards books with women as the main characters. I'll read whatever is assigned for book club so I know I can enjoy books with women as main characters, but I still just won't pick them up to read if there's no deadline involved. I think it's because I already know how women think and don't care for all the thinky emotion times as much as I like action. I recognize this is an unfair generalization but there are so many more books than a person could ever read anyway. I will try to overcome my bias for you. ;)

Re: Becky from Twitter

Date: 2012-06-04 11:52 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]

Princess Academy! It's Newbery Honor-winning! And the sequel just came out or is about to come out! But like I said in the post, somehow I've never actually read her YA books. I actually had Book of a Thousand Days out once three years ago when I was in the hospital having my daughter, so I had to call and renew all my books, but they were like, "That one won't renew because someone has it on hold" and I was like "SERIOUSLY? That's the ONE I haven't read yet! Also it's the OLDEST book I have out so I thought I was SAFE! Also, I'M IN THE HOSPITAL HAVING A BABY!" Anyway... yeah, haven't gotten back to it yet.

Okay, action-packed female MCs. The first that comes to mind is Hunger Games, or is that too obvious? Is me even asking if you've read Hunger Games silly because the entire world has asked you that in passing by now? Hmm, what else. Okay, the next is a completely WEIRD choice to come to mind, but it's pretty off-the-wall satire-- and yes there is action-- but it's definitely not slow-paced at least: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. I will have to think this through more when I'm not also trying to add up the library money for the evening at the same time.

Megan is too lazy to sign in.

Date: 2012-06-03 08:14 pm (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
Great news for Jason! We'd love to get together sometime when I'm healthy and he's not working!

By the way, Ellie's birthday party will be June 30th. Presents are not in any way necessary - she's got a ton of stuff already. And my family tends to ignore that, so please just bring you and your family and eat food and cake? PLEASE!

On book stuff -
Have you read the "Game of Thrones" stuff yet? I've actually really liked it. It's long. really long. But that's what I NEED so I don't burn through a book in three hours. And I love the characters, and that I can't tell WHO the protaganist is - and that characters I start off loving I end up hating, or characters I started off loving end up being killed off unexpectedly because of really REALLY bad decisions...and there's dragons.

As far as projects - I know you. You have them in you. But then you probably second and third and fourth guess yourself to all ends of it. Keep the first few projects simple. Maybe start a junior book club, online. Anonymity and screens are one thing teens love. It could be simple. Start a facebook page with your library's name + the words "YA book club." Pick two books each month and promote them heavily. Post deep thought provoking questions on the wall. People comment with answers. People can post their OWN questions as well.

Actually, I may have to do this. Like now. For grown-ups.
Jason's actually off all this week, whenever you're healthy and available! (Of course I'LL be working Wednesday and Friday, and actually he already has other plans for Tuesday...) And I so feel you on "PLEASE NO PRESENTS." I tried to say that in April, too, but ah well. Now if only people were as quick to buy other ADULTS presents as they are to buy stuff for kids!

I haven't been interested in starting Game of Thrones, primarily because of the length (I have SO much I OUGHT to read that I will never get to...), also because I heard there's lots of rape, which I can't stand to read -- I don't even like PLEASANT CONSENSUAL sex scenes, so, seriously. And I can't even justify it for work, since it's not my jurisdiction and all. So it can't push me over into reading it (obviously, the two books I'm reading now are also both not in my jurisdiction, but I love both the authors so much through their online presences that I'm a lot more swayed to them!)

You do know me and how I deal with projects very well! But I'm not terribly concerned with doing lots of library projects. I just paranoidly feel I may be JUDGED if I DON'T. I'm over-aware of what other people MIGHT think about me, sometimes. Not in regards to my geekiness or quirkiness or such at least-- I'm perfectly self-assured there-- but in regards to my USEFULNESS. *SIGH*

Date: 2012-06-04 01:43 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] sal_amanda
sal_amanda: (Default)
I get very weird throat things. They never turn out to be strep, which has at times been a bone of contention with doctors I've seen who didn't want to give me antibiotics for them if it was a virus. Particularly one at my college health center who was pretty dickish about it, actually, especially since I told him it wasn't going to come up as strep. He clearly didn't appreciate me telling him what my body does when he was the doctor, after all. He sent me away with instructions to take ibuprofen and gargle and told me not to call because they'd call me if it turned out to be strep. I had an oral presentation the next morning. Guess how that went. But I couldn't sleep or eat or barely breathe even, so I stormed in there anyway and demanded they do something. The doctor took one look at me and announced that he couldn't believe how much worse it had gotten. A "told you so" would have been in order if I could have spoken at that point. And if I wasn't dealing with enough in that ordeal, they trotted all the other staff in to take a look at my hideous throat and then here's the best part. They wanted the antibiotics in my system as quick as possible so they gave it to me as a shot. And as I was rolling up my sleeve for it, they informed me I'd be getting it in my ass. On the plus side, they put some sort of painkiller in with it so it felt like I was walking back to my dorm on a cloud.

That was clearly the worst case I've had of a doctor pulling that one on me. I really don't even bother going in anymore until it reaches epic proportions. I did have a doctor at our current practice tell me that sometimes a viral infection can attach itself to a bacteria, not necessarily strep, and that's why it can get that bad and also why antibiotics can help with it, even though it's a virus. So I'm sticking with that line the next time someone gives me a hard time about it. The other reason I often get antibiotics now even without a strep test is that my gag reflex has gotten so bad since having Nora that they frequently can't actually get a good swab.

Date: 2012-06-04 12:40 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
That sounds exactly like what I've got. One of the doctors did give me a prescription for antibiotics in case it got worse, and I put it off for awhile until this weekend, and I already feel a bit improved (much less swelling, I can eat without cringing and gagging and sleep without snoring now, but still feel like the back of my throat is scraped or something), so maybe I really did need them!

Date: 2012-06-04 04:39 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Hope you (or more accurately, your doctors) get your throat straightened out. I've been dealing with painful throat and inability to breathe all weekend, but that's because even the stuff I just started taking for my pet allergies can't stand up against the hideousness that is the animal dander in my mother-in-law's house. Only two animals, but man do they reek. Even before I developed my allergies I hated visiting just because it stinks so much over there. Oh well.

I loved Derk, too, and I was a little disappointed that the sequel had so much less of him. I would have loved the sequel as a stand-alone, but as a sequel, it definitely had too little of Derk.

Carl watched parts of the last Sherlock with me (mostly out of suspicion, since he knows of my crush on Sherlock), and he was more impressed with Martin's performance than anything else. He thought the storyline was clever, but he said no way would it have sold as well without Martin. We'll see what happens, but he might even have to watch the first episode of S3 whenever it makes it over here to the States just to find some resolution!

And congratulations again (because once, on Twitter, is hardly sufficient for such good news) on your husband's job!

Date: 2012-06-04 07:50 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I've heard that Airborn Allergies in general have been particularly bad this year, and that people who don't usually have allergy problems have been feeling the effects... that was one of the Possible Explanations the doctors gave me, too. Allergies. But now that the antibiotics appear to be reducing the pain and swelling but leaving a small stinging bit, I suspect I got a scrape on my throat from some errant bit of food, and then that scrape got infected. That's my I'm-not-a-doctor-but-I'm-imaginarily-married-to-someone-who-plays-one-on-TV diagnosis.

And as for that, GO CARL. You GIVE the credit where credit is due!

I still haven't gotten hold of Year of the Griffin, so I'll reserve judgement. Though, Derk WAS my favorite character. And probably my only fault with the book was all me, but for some reason I had the WORST time visualizing anthropomorphic griffins. My inner movie just kind of BLURRED OVER all those characters.

Thank you again!

Date: 2012-06-04 07:06 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
See, this is what I've missed from my time on LJ...your book recs! I'm going to have to check out the ones you've mentioned here to see if I can add them to my ever-increasing pile of must reads! ;)

BTW, are you on GoodReads?

Date: 2012-06-04 07:52 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Aw, thanks! I'm glad you appreciate them! I haven't actually MADE many book recs in awhile, so you weren't missing much!

I'm on Goodreads, but I don't use it very regularly or socially. I just try to keep track of what I've read. Actually I just realized I still need to update it from the last books I've read. Will go do that.

Date: 2012-06-05 08:49 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] amy johnson (from
I feel the same way about the Top 100 polls...when I voted, I left off some favorite (but very popular) titles in favor of some newer and/or more obscure ones, and they're not making the list! I feel like a bit of a rebel, but it seems like some of the old classics are just making the list because they've been around forever and adults can't bear to part with them, but today's kids don't love them as much.

Date: 2012-06-06 12:05 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Or just more people have had the opportunity to READ the classics, while the newer maybe-classics-someday are still making the rounds. There's actually a lot more on the list this time that I HAVEN'T read than I have, which is odd. But there seems to be more new picture books on that list than new chapter books-- maybe because people read them aloud frequently? And chapter books, to become favorites, are likely reread over and over, too, but I don't know about you, but once you get to be an adult you just don't do as much rereading as you did as a kid, so newer books don't have as much chance to sink in that way. As opposed to picture books, which get read over and over by their very nature.

Also, with easy readers and early chapter books counting this time around, there's more competition. I know I had to make room on my lists for a few of those!


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