100% Agree

Date: 2016-11-01 07:25 pm (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
Yes! A hundred times yes.

I don't like HRC either. But I will do anything to keep that crazy bully out of office. I agree, he's got all the characteristics of a bully.
1.He has the skewed sense of entitlement. Nothing is ever his fault. He doesn't see the gravity of his past behaviors and choices.

2. He hates subgroups blindly - for example, to him, ALL MEXICANS ARE TEH EVIL. IS this true? Certainly not. Most of them are a wonderful cultured group with a hard work ethic and willingness to do what is necessary, even if it isn't very desirable, to provide a better life for their families. Are there bad Mexicans? Yes, but there are bad Americans too.

3. He fails to see his own hypocrisy. He claims that immigrants are the enemy...but look at his wives. He screams about BILL Clinton's infidelity...and yet comments that he was grabbing women and kissing them 'because he could.'

4. If you point out any flaw of his, or any mistake, he instantly denies it, and goes on the attack in a spectacular fashion.

5. He clearly demonstrates self-esteem problems in that he always needs to PROVE he is the best, with his hotels and other businesses, for example. There's a difference between being the owner of the most luxurious hotel and SCREAMING that you are (when you probably are not).

Not to mention, he is terribly unqualified for the job. Had he run for a smaller office first, then I might even have considered him, but right now, you're throwing a person with 0 diplomacy skills and 0 negotiating skills into a world arena that requires great amounts of both JUST TO MAINTAIN STATUS QUO.

For the record, Jack also has stated, since the very beginning of this campaign, "Donald Trump! He's TERRIBLE. He yells and is mean and isn't a good person." We don't watch a lot of live tv in our house, so he's not seen that many ads. We don't talk about it around the kids, but even at 7, he knows that it's a bad idea.

I think, if anything, we need a clearing of congress and the house. Just boot them all out and start over, and make it a volunteer position. Because they've forgotten what Democracy is supposed to be, and they've forgotten that it is supposed to be a privilege to represent the people of the US, not the other way around.

OH, and yes, I know 100% who you are talking about. Tell him I said hi.
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