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I believe I may have some sort of airborne allergy, that peaks in the spring and is particularly prevalent round about the area of this library. I get random terrible sinus headaches and feel On-the-Edge-of-Ill-But-Not-Really.

That opening paragraph was mostly just to have an opening paragraph that is more interesting than this paragraph is going to be, which goes something like: "Hello, I thought I would post something about how I don't know what to post about, because I used up all the Interesting Topics I was going to post about and haven't come up with anything new and exciting. But it's been awhile since I posted so I thought I ought to drop in and say hello, so maybe I'll just ramble for awhile."

See, if any of my dear friends and relations saw THAT as the first teaser bit of paragraph that shows up on their Facebook feed, they'd NEVER pop over and actually read what I have to say. I like to think that my dear friends and relations actually DO find my writing interesting, and are popping over here to read it, and perhaps me having allergic sinus headaches will invoke sympathy and make them say, "Oh, my poor Amy has a headache! I must read more so as to send my healing thoughts in her direction with my virtual support!"

In the mornings I have been frequently writing to prompts, as I mentioned a couple posts ago, many of which may in fact make decent blog entries. Although my morning writing tends to ramble and contain many silly in-jokes with myself. I might share some of it. I wrote some pretty awful poems the other day in honor of National Poetry Month, and I could share some of the less-awful ones (there's actually one verse I like quite a lot. One, mind you) (and it's actually a very ironic verse to be the one I share, but that makes it all the better! But no, I can't remember how it goes off the top of my head and I don't have it with me, so you'll just have to wait anxiously until then).

Another thing I ought to do is somehow take advantage of the Free Trial Paid Account I'm on these two weeks, but I'm really not sure HOW. What's the point of adding more userpics if they'll just disappear in a few days? The statistics are fairly interesting, though I still find the "My Guests" feature to be the most interesting part, since it actually tells you WHO has been there. I did learn that there was a large sudden spike in non-livejournal-users viewing my livejournal last Saturday for some odd reason. Nearest I can figure it was people following the link to my Diana Wynne Jones tribute from Book Aunt, when they had probably found THAT link in this massive round-up of DWJ tributes, which I am NOT apparently cool enough to be included in, but the timing works out right so that's what I FIGURE it was. And I never would have known without these fantastic paid account statistic features! (That was a bit facetious. Because I still don't know what difference it makes. I mean, none of those people left me any nice COMMENTS or anything).

Anyhow, though, my blog posts may be all chatty and lovely and all, and perhaps my friends and relations and a few nice perfect strangers enjoy reading them, but I decided this morning that I'm going to resurrect the Fine Art of Real Letter Writing and unleash it on a few of my best friends whom I miss. Blogging is very like letter-writing, just less personal. Probably most people don't realize that my blogs in fact ARE nice letters written for a whole bunch of people, just because they don't happen to be the person it's directly ADDRESSED to. So what I will do is write nice rambly blog entries on pretty stationery, toss in some random clippings and photographs (my grandpap was famous for sending this sort of letter. In later years he was famous for sending you a photograph and then ASKING YOU TO SEND IT BACK. Whatever got people writing back, I suppose), slap on a 44-cent stamp and off they go. Wouldn't it be awesome to get a real personal handwritten letter in the mail? I am going on this assumption! The deejay on the radio the other day mentioned something about Facebook-induced depression, how people can feel actually LESS connected by the "artificial" connectivity of social networking sites, and he mentioned it in an offhand "isn't that funny? Do you believe that?" sort of way, and I thought, "Why yes, I've felt it myself a few times," mostly back when my aforementioned grandpap died and nobody said a word to me, while meanwhile I was bombarded by college classmates posting about the death of a college chorus director at the same time-- I felt pretty bitter and lonely then. But on the flip and sort of ironic side, 32 people posted to my Facebook wall to wish me a happy birthday last week, including friendly acquaintances from high school I haven't seen in 15 years-- and yet I still felt mildly disappointed that I only had four actual paper cards to hang on our Card String in the dining room, and only two of those came in the mail. So yes, the added personalization of an Actual Handwritten Letter will be SUCH a cool thing to unleash upon the world.

My actual birthday-- well, my actual birthday was completely uneventful because I had work in the evening; but as my parents already come out and babysit on fridays, they stayed on in the evening that NEXT day and my inlaws came over and everyone brought me pizza and angelfood cake with strawberries and ice cream. My mother and MIL both independently decided that I needed another Wardrobe Update, the former buying me clothes (including, in fact, the sweater I am wearing right now: isn't it lovely?) and the latter giving me a check and a large stack of coupons to department stores. Apparently my mother has not yet figured out that I never wear the OTHER suit jackets she had bought me in the past because I ended up with MORE (and a full suit! I have no idea when I will ever wear a full suit. Jason enthusiastically pointed out that "it's a SCULLY SUIT!" though, and it TOTALLY IS, so maybe I'll wear it to a SF convention someday or something). This is of course what I get for relying on other people to dress me. If I actually paid the slightest attention to updating my own wardrobe, I'd look like a cleaned-up hippie most of the time. Or someone who wears a lot of librarian-joke T-shirts. But anyhoo. My inlaws also got me an extra shelf for my Ikea bookcase, because I actually asked for this a few days before, because I ended up moving my CD collection to said bookcase, which allowed the DVD collection to take over the CDs' old shelves instead of BLOBBING ALL OVER THE PLACE IN PILES OR GETTING DESTROYED BY SMALL CHILDREN (and someone please tell me how said small children have managed to destroy THREE Muppet disks and yet they have not destroyed a single Thomas or Baby Einstein DVD? HOW? WHY? WHAT?). Jason got me two DVDs to add to those shelves (though without knowing about the New Shelves): Half-Blood Prince, which completes our Harry Potter collection until the last two come out (and WILL they come out in a two-part set? That would be kind of handy and cool. Though they probably won't tell you they will until you've already bought both parts separately); and the first season of BBC's Sherlock, which I've been devouring the special features of during naptime so as to indulge my complete pathetic Martin Freeman infatuation fully (my actual response to Jason was "Oh, you got me Martin Freeman! How generous of you!" which he seemed perfectly cheerful about, though I'm not sure he realized why this was so generous of him). And my brother got me a book of Nursery Rhymes in piano music form, inspired probably by my dad mourning for the past year and a half (since I got my piano) that he couldn't find HIS old nursery rhymes piano book, but ironically he finally found it and brought it over, well, last friday. When my brother gave me my own. It was kind of funny.

ANYWAY I'm reading back on that and realizing that I appear to be whiny and ungrateful, like DANGIT WHY DON'T PEOPLE EVER GIVE ME PAPER CARDS AND HIPPIE CLOTHES, they with their friendly facebook greetings and generous gifts, HAH! But I swear I really am grateful, honest. I just tend to notice weird little ironic things, and they tend to come out of my fingers snarky. Because I am a shy sweet angelic sort of girl and I have to let my snark out somewhere.

So in conclusion, I will say something else whiny and complainy: Maddie's latest hobby is dumping out entire cannisters of oatmeal on the kitchen floor. And aside from that, I can't think of anything else new and exciting and it is time to go, so, now that I've said hello, goodbye again!
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Once again, less than a year later, we have no heat and are forced to spend the weekend with grandparents-- but this year this is only because the furnace broke and cannot be fixed until Monday, rather than us completely losing power while a blizzard makes the roads impassible and all. Jason is in fact still at home weathering it out with space heaters when he isn't at work, and the kids and I are with MY parents, which is a bit of a good time. We played in the snow today, and had hot cocoa, and played some video games (Sam discovered the joy of running Paper Mario into the water to his death by piranha over and over again, until he broke Dan's controller, which is luckily still under warranty), and I believe there may be pizza involved later.

I'm looking at my userpic and realizing a) that I need to change the default back away from ChristmasBabyAmy, although I'll choose it anyway for this entry since it's wintery; and b) that I should probably change it to something a little newer than Maddie 20 months ago, but that is the most obviously default of my userpics (because she's saying hi) and I don't feel like making a new one. Oh well, I can keep going with this until Russian Epiphany. I'm not entirely sure Epiphany is even celebrated according to the Orthodox calendar, but I always found a way to make Christmas keep going until Russian Epiphany as a kid anyway.
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I'm going to keep this post public, because it is, after all, a memorial, and even perfect strangers can get something out of it. People on Facebook may have already seen that I posted this link to a really awesome obituary that will leave you feeling both proud and warm and fuzzy. At least it will if you knew the man in question... even if only slightly.

The thing about my Grandpap was that he WAS the sort of person who made an impression on everyone he met. No matter where he went in the country-- the world wouldn't surprise me-- he ran into someone he knew, and maybe it was someone he hadn't seen in decades, or someone he'd only done tree work for once at some point, but he REMEMBERED, and the other people remembered HIM, because when he interacted with other people, it wasn't just on a business level or a strangers-passing-on-the-street level: he saw you, respected you, as a person with your own story. He connected with people.

My mom always ingrained in me something he had taught her: "when you pass someone on the street, smile and say hello, because maybe you're the only friendly face that person will see all day." It's funny, she ALWAYS credited this advice to her father, so much that I associate it as much with him as with her, even though I never heard it from him. But certainly he LIVED it, which is why so many people LOVED him.

Which is why so many people showed up to his memorial service who knew him indirectly -- inlaws of family members (inlaws of inlaws!), friends from far away (two-hour drive for a couple of my parents' good friends who showed up). Which is why the My Name is Earl Final World Tour, as my aunt calls the two memorial services and one proper internment, spans three states.

Don't you want to be someone like that? Someone who has clearly left the world in better shape than when he was given it? Someone who has not only filled a city with beautiful trees, but the hearts of people all over the country with a little more light?

My Grandpap was a Good Person; my parents are, too. I think I'm going to appropriate the term "mensch," because "Good Person" is too vague or easily misconstrued as "Not-Bad Person," without conveying the true VALUE of such people. I can only hope to be like that, but because I am so infuriatingly shy I'm afraid I just pull off "Nice" or at best "Doing No Harm." My SISTER I think carries on the tradition of obviously loving people, of touching hearts of everyone she meets. I can hope my kids grow that way, too: my son is timid like me, but maybe I can help him step out; my daughter is the exact opposite, and so I've always been afraid she'd turn out to be a bully-- but maybe it can go the other way, and she WILL be someone who uses her strength and outgoingness to spread light and love.

So here's to caring, caring about beauty and about people and about being a Light.
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I have a draft of another nerdy librarian post for you all, but I hereby interrupt to share a personal anecdote. GASP. SHOCKING. Well, those of you who have livejournal accounts but never come over here anymore, and then wonder why I never post personal anecdotes anymore when all you do is read these public posts on facebook, SHOULD be aware that I HAVE posted personal anecdotes that are FRIENDS LOCKED so if you cared you might want to pop over here. Megan, I'm talking to you, in answer to a previous Facebook comment.

But as I was saying, this is not friends-locked, because it is short and fun and should theoretically have wide-appeal.

Here's Sam with his Jack-o-lantern. He drew it himself, and attempted to take the seeds out himself. He didn't cut it himself:

On Saturday there was a Monster Mash downtown, in which the local businesses got together to host a scavenger hunt/trick-or-treating all along Pike Street so as to Ingratiate Themselves in the Hearts of the Community's Citizens. I thought that would be a swell opportunity to introduce Sam to the concept of trick-or-treating, as it's in the middle of the day instead of in the evening, and is a fairly small area to walk (though this did involve walking DOWN to Pike Street in the first place, and back UP the immense hill afterward).

So, going through the mounds of hand-me-downs they have between them, Sam and Maddie each had a CHOICE of possible costumes that could fit them. I'm sure even the unbiased would agree that the final results were adorable:

Yes, Maddie is literally saying "cheese!" in this picture. I'm not actually sure where she learned that.

Anyway, so we all walked downtown (Maddie rode in the stroller, cheater), and I wondered what Sam would think, because he is a timid child, and the streets were swarming with people in costume. No problem. People in costume were fascinating. Unless they were wearing masks, because that's just taking it a bit too far. He didn't say a thing, just stood stock still and wouldn't take another step toward anyone in a mask. But otherwise, hey, it was cool.

And then we walked into the first store with our little scavenger hunt board to get stickered, and the man at the desk held out a bowl of candy and said "You each get two!"

You could see it start to click in Sam's head. I go into a store here-- they give me candy. Oh. I can live with this!

This is where I remember that I never told you how quickly he associated the words "going to the bank" with "getting lollipops." I did drive-through, non-ATM banking with him in the car ONCE, about a YEAR ago. He's still convinced that the bank is the place where you get lollipops.

After about three stores, he started LOOKING for the candy bowl as soon as we walked into a place. He nearly got seconds after he helped himself around the back of an otherwise-occupied shopkeeper, who then saw him and offered him another. I stepped in as the voice of morality. But anyhow.

Maddie was far from innocent herself, all this time. She was holding her pumpkin on her lap, because where else could it go, and kept trying to eat her candy through the wrappers. I finally opened a lollipop for her to keep her busy, but she managed to help herself to a second lollipop and a KitKat by the time we got home.

Back home, ate lunch-- Sam for once ate a very good lunch, because that was the only way he'd be allowed a piece of candy-- went up for naps. Sam does not care for naps, but he still has "naptime" in his room so as I can actually Get Stuff Done, such as, that afternoon, One Book, first draft of which I just turned in which is why I am actually NOT working on One Book this afternoon. And that day, I told him, he needed to TRY to take a nap, because he'd had such a big morning. Before bed when we've had a big day, I like to give Sam a review of the day, to help him process it and file it to memory and all, so I did the same now, telling him all about his big morning: "we took a long walk all the way down to the town, and from store to store, and you wore your cowboy suit, and you saw the other kids in--"

"and I got CANDY!" he interrupted. That's the first time he has EVER piped up one of his own additions to a Day in Review.

"...which is why you really need to take a nap now," I concluded.

So last night we had proper trick-or-treaters-- about 20 total, a decent amount for us; though I asked if he wanted to dress in costume, it was hard enough just getting him to wear PANTS (it's a recently-potty-trained thing he has) for the people at the door. But he DID help by passing out Reeses cups* to the "big kids." "Thanks, Sam; great job passing out candy!" I said as the first girl (a cat) walked away.

"Yeah!" Sam watched the girl-cat retreat down the driveway. "When are we going to get the candy back?"

It is amazing how well he's been eating his meals the past couple days.

*There are two schools of thought to buying Halloween candy: either you buy stuff you don't like, so you're not tempted to snitch any; or you buy stuff you DO like, so if you have leftovers it's not a catastrophe. My mother subscribes to the first school of thought. I, on the other hand, bought way more Reeses cups than we could ever possibly have trick-or-treaters.
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There are those of you who read this livejournal for my own personal real-life chatter. I don't know how many of those of you actually exist, since you have all migrated over to Facebook, where ironically all my public posts show up but all the posts where I chatter about personal matters never arrive, being friends-locked over here, but in theory, those of you who would be reading my locked posts to hear fascinating stories of family gatherings and the like might be wondering if I will ever write such posts again. The truth is I fully intended to write such a post about the children's birthday party last weekend, including lots of lovely pictures. I put all my lovely pictures on my computer. But then in the course of trying to put those pictures on the Internet, my computer decided it did not want to connect to the Internet any more. Ever again. So that post has not happened, and I am not sure when it will happen. (the good news is, at least my computer has not crashed entirely and ERASED all those lovely pictures. And just in case it intended to, I spent yesterday afternoon backing up every personal unique and special file, ie mostly pictures and video, on the computer onto CD and flash drive. So I didn't jinx myself. If the computer crashes entirely now, I don't care. Well, I care less).

But as it happens, I had THIS completely-not-interesting-to-non-bookgeeks post hanging out here as a draft for the past week. So before I can even write about small children who love balloons and trains, I must POST THIS. Yes, you guessed it: it's my ANNOTATED response to the Fuse#8 Top 100 Children's Novels Poll Results!

I copied over the last post where I bolded the ones I read, but now I've SAID STUFF ABOUT IT. Additionally, I have starred the ones on my Big Old Possibilities List, ie All The Books I Might Have Voted For If I'd Been Allowed More Votes, ie Me Attempting To List My Favorite Books And Being Unable to Cut It Down. In addition, I've double-starred and included a number to show the ones I finally DID vote for (the number of course being where on my turned-in-votes they fall, though I'm not entirely sure how much I'm married to that order, in the big picture). So without further ado, before this thing hangs out as a draft here any more weeks:

my annotated Top 100 Poll List )

In my defense, I was not the only person who completely geeked out over this countdown. Here, in fact, is evidence that I could have been much, much geekier. So there.
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Guess who won a scholarship to the regional SCBWI writing retreat in April!

That would be me! Yes yes!

A retreat: the only way I can get any writing done! A scholarship: the only way I could go on a retreat!
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You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out. :)

1. First Name: Amy, as you see I have now added to the Official Title Of This LiveJournal, so I can hardly be secretive about it anymore, can I? (Of course, if you're reading this on Facebook, my full name is glaring at you anyway. I'm writing this from LiveJournal, so that's the context I'm thinking of).

2. Age: 31. And two-thirds? Is that what you mean by elaboration?

3. Location: One half hour south of Pittsburgh in the Land of Perry Como

4. Occupation: Predominantly, Mom, and everything else household related that that involves. Nine hours a week, reference librarian. I'm a youth services librarian by training and degree, but now I just get to be really excited when somebody actually asks me about books in the kids or YA sections instead of the adult section, which I'm more clueless about. On a work-for-hire basis I annually write an activity manual related to a picture book for Pennsylvania's One Book Every Young Child project, which, for this coming year, I just finished the first complete draft of this weekend, whoohoo. I would like to say I am also an author of fiction books for children and teens, but I spend very little of my time in this fashion at the moment.

5. Partner: I don't know, Megan, I agree saying "partner" DOES sound pretentious even for relationships that don't take to traditional spousal titles (and makes talking about ones BUSINESS partners strangely complicated), but still, you have to admit it's a very accurate description of the role we're talking about. Anyway, my answer is this guy named Jason. He works two jobs, one of which is weekends and holidays, so he literally never gets a day off, but honestly? I secretly think he's happier now, because he USED to work two jobs all on the SAME day, so we only ever SAW each other on weekends.

6. Kids: Sam is 2 1/2, Madeleine is 7 months. Most people use code-names for their kids online unfriendslocked, but looking at those two names kind of says too much not to point it out. I didn't think about it as I named each of them, but looking at BOTH of them, well, it really does point to my innate fantasy-fiction geekitude, doesn't it? I mean I could have named ONE child after, like, a relative or something, couldn't I've?

7. Siblings: I have a [ profile] magnolia___ who is six years younger than me, and Dan who is ten years younger. Maggie is famous for being a flaky friendly hippie freak, Danny for being Obsessed with cartoons. I also have a sis-in-law (as in related to husband) named Bethany and a bro-in-law (as in married to sister) named Zeke. The former is famous for giving me a piano soon and the latter for teaching me how monkeys peel bananas, which is amazingly stress-saving.

8. Pets: I don't have any if you don't count my husband and kids. My parents have a terrier mix named Daisy and my inlaws have two big yellow mixes named Ajax and Nike. Ajax has three legs. Sam loves them all (the dogs, not necessarily Ajax's legs) and calls them each by name and even talks about them when they aren't around.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:

* It is Advent! So I am all about getting into Christmas! For some reason, the rest of the year I'm a terrible housekeeper, but the thought "I can't put up Christmas decorations until this place gets cleaned up!" suddenly turns me into a cleaning machine and I get EVERYTHING done, even stuff that has nothing to do with decorating, and I do it quickly and cheerfully! It doesn't work with anything else. I've tried. I can SAY "I can't read a book until the house is clean," but this is too easily countered with "SURE I can, watch me do it right now!" Anyway, the house is clean and all that remains is to get stuff out of the attic, but that requires the two adults of the house to be home at the same time. Tuesday evening.

* So on Thanksgiving J squeaked done with his holiday job early and we rushed off to my aunt's house and arrived EXACTLY in time for dinner. The crowd was huge, nearing fifty people-- there were people there I'd never met and some I STILL don't know. Sam had so much fun chasing after the big kids and Reese (who's his age), and Maddie even didn't find anything to scream about. Plus the food was good, but no kidding.

* Maddie's pulling herself to standing all over the place and keeps trying to let go. What is this with me and my athletic children? She's also refusing to nap for any decent amount of time before screaming and screaming.

* So yeah, I've finished One Book for the year excepting some editing sessions and the insertion of pictures, which means, well, I've got a ton of other stuff to do (much of it Christmas related and so I can't mention it here), but I ought to sit down and seriously work on some of my new creative writing ideas, too. I've got a couple things that might be picture books eventually if I can figure out how to write a picture book properly, and one novel idea I'm quite excited about but is very much in the simmering-some-possibilities stages still. Also I keep meaning to ask Jason for help with the big issue Bruce Coville pointed out in the first chapter of Ian et al, because it's actually right up his nefarious-gamemaster/guy-who-scopes-out-the-defenses alley, and it should have occurred to me to ask him before. But I'm rarely thinking of this during the times we're actually home at the same time.

* Books take up way too much of my brain, so they count as one of the biggest things going on in my life, because they feel that way in my brain. For example, I finally got the second Hunger Games book last week, and this proved to be just as obsessive-making as the first, if suffering from a few awkward writing and second-book-fault moments that are deemed who-cares-able by the obsessiveness of it all. It was quite exciting for me, thank you very much.

* Oh, and finally, I'm getting a PIANO sometime soon! It's like an early Christmas gift from my sister-in-law (who currently owns it in her house), mother-in-law (who is tracking down the piano movers) and parents (who are paying for said piano movers). It's going in the living room! I can play it! My kids can pound on it and eventually learn to play! I can put stuff on top of it! That's all.

That's also six things. Oh well.

10. Parents: My parents, and I've said this before but it bears repeating, are Good People. As an adult it's disappointing and mildly depressing to discover how rare people like my parents ARE in the real world-- people who are intelligent yet fun-loving, who are genuinely kind and friendly and loving. I still feel unworthy. I need to work harder at being Awesome so I can be like them for the world.

11. Some of your closest friends are: Unfortunately, to continue the last sentence, I'm such a hopeless introvert that I'd probably cluelessly stay wrapped up in my own head if you let me, such that of the people I would name as My Closest Friends, the only one I can truthfully name as an ACTIVE friend I actually, like, do regular Friend Stuff with is the one I live with (and even with him Friend Stuff only occasionally interrupts the Practical Stuff). The others I occasionally email/blogcomment and see in person once or twice or occasionally three times a year, and are more People I Will Always Love Because They HAVE Been My Closest Friends Before. Of those, Angie, my best friend from high school and college, stands out the most, because she is Completely Awesome. Also of note is Molly from middle/high school, and from college Tracie Liz Becky Jen and Emily, and Megan and Randy (the latter actually talks to my husband on the phone like DAILY, but I don't), and that's what sticks out. There's also my sister I GUESS. :)

'Kay then. I've given the old livejournal a personal slant again.
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Short Today Update:

Today Sammy and I went to the Children's Museum just to play --can you imagine? I had no work-related reasons for being there whatsoever?-- I wanted to get a visit in before field trip season starts, because by the time it is over he will have grown HOW MUCH EVEN MORE, and I wanted to see what more he could partake in NOW-- and it's Tuesday so theoretically there is less likelihood of school groups, and it's not this Thursday which is Mister Rogers Free Day and that will be a madhouse, and it's not over easter break in most schools, although Canon-Mac IS on Easter Break this week which is interesting, but most people out here aren't running off to Pittsburgh every time they get a day off school like the people who LIVE in Pittsburgh do-- um, I mean like the people who live in Pittsburgh like to run off to the MUSEUMS every time they get a day off school. Anyway.

So what he did: made a monoprint, which was really Mommy makes a monoprint and lets him stick his hands in the ink, though his handprints didn't really show up in the finished product, but that's really all he can do in the Studio yet; sat at the clay table but was not interested in the clay, but WAS interested in banging the rolling pins together; played with the rolling ball maze thing with the bells in the Nursery, and crawled around the baby area awhile, discovered a cool rolling giraffe toy, and watched the fish for a long while; opened and closed one cabinet in the discovery cabinets in the Attic over and over again, then got up to toddle around the Attic-- for some reason he seemed bravest and more raring to go in the Attic than anywhere else-- probably he has some prenatal memory of the Virpets music that triggers Happy Vibes since mommy usually had Happy Vibes if she was in the Attic-- crawled up a couple of stairs to the Gravity Room, then wanted carried, and we played with the ball in the GR and Sam barely tried to stand up, but then he still hasn't figured out standing on a slope in a place where the horizon lines up PROPERLY; made swirly shapes with Recollections, which is cool because Sammy was waving his arms around and actually having an effect, too; and tried out the Traveling Exhibit, which is all about Circles and was really cool, and Sammy was very into turning all the wheels in the exhibit. He spent quite a long time turning this gear contraption. That was the last thing we did, and by then it was after two (naptime) and I could TELL he was sleepy, but he was making a valiant effort to pretend NOT to be sleepy because he was THAT INTO IT.

Throughout all that, we visited people, the, like, five people I still know or so. For some reason whenever Sam saw Whitney he wanted her to hold him, and he also seemed very happy to meet Ms. Yvonne-- the latter of which might be explained by some subconscious knowledge that she's the resident expert in people his age, but I can't think of a reason why he felt so comfortable with Whitney. Maybe that was prenatal memory, too, of Mommy-has-fun-with-this-person. Then in the middle we had lunch, which was not only about a half-hour or so later than we usually have lunch, but we'd also had our "elevensies" nursing session before we left at TEN, that much earlier, so he was apparently too hungry to wait for me to spoonfeed him, and grabbed both the spoon AND the dish (which I hadn't even realized was in his reach) before I even knew what had happened, and started just SHOVELING down his peaches-and-cereal like you wouldn't believe, to the wide-eyed horror of the four-year-old at the next table. Luckily it actually LOOKED messier than it actually turned out, and we got cleaned up and headed off for more adventures!

But because the timing of naps was off, I've let him sleep in a little later than I normally would just now, too, but I'd better wake him up if I ever want him to go to bed tonight....
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A: If you haven't played the movie guessing game, go do that. I might edit in some clues (like genre, decade, etc) in if I'm waiting around for my pictures to upload here.

B: Congratulations to [ profile] vovat and [ profile] bethje for only having to remember an anniversary every four years!

C: I'm uploading pictures right now, and while I wait for a link to give you, I'll tell you about Sammy's fun past two days.

On Thursday we visited [ profile] punterschlagen and Larry 4 ostensibly so that Larry could get practice hanging out with someone littler than him, but mostly because it was fun, and it involved eating yummy chicken salad and soup and chocolate chip cake and would have involved apple crisp also if I hadn't left it in my refrigerator. Sammy had a great time. We played band, with Larry passing out instruments and telling us what to play-- Sammy thought that rocked. Then Larry wanted to play with his dinosaurs but wasn't ready to share THOSE with Sam. Sammy, to Larry's dismay, thought that Just TRY to Keep the Dinosaurs Away From Sam was ALSO a really fun game, and played his part with gusto.

Yesterday my parents and brother and, um, step-dog? came over. They planned to do this, and started out, before it started SNOWING REALLY HARD AND NOT LETTING UP. So they almost got stuck here! But anyway, they arrived when Sammy was, um, in his crib--not sleeping, though he did eventually fall asleep, so when he finally came downstairs he was all groggy and shy for about thirty seconds, then he saw Daisy. Wow, these people were the coolest people in the whole wide world because they brought a Dog-dog to play with! ("Dog" is his favorite thing to say, but he definitely seems to associate it with real dogs now. Granted, he also associates it with about everything else he likes, but most definitely with dogs, also).

Apparently he took having the grandparents over as his cue to show off, because he kept doing all sorts of impressive things while they were here. He learned to wave Hello. He already waves bye-bye, doing what J calls "the penguin wave," waving his whole arm up and down. But his wave Hello is a palm straight up and waving. So he's got officially two different waving "signs" --one goodbye, one hello. He showed off walking more than he's ever done. And he yelled "Da-DEE!" at Jason a few times.

D: Anyway, Here are the pictures! I apologize to those of you who don't feel like watching videos. I admit, I usually don't watch videos, either, unless they're of my kid. But there's a lot of videos, because face it, Sammy just ACTS fun. He can't get away with just LOOKING CUTE anymore.

E: upon writing the title-- yay, it's March! I like March so much better than february! Also, I will be a nice round age at the end of this month, so that means you should make me dessert. Also, I had strawberries this week. I swear, eating the first fresh strawberries of early spring is the Greatest Sensation of This Earthly Realm.
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Yesterday Sammy went to the Museum! Lois wanted me to train one of the interns on how to put books in the "library," I wanted to see the new exhibit, and everyone else wanted to see Sammy. Well, I'm relatively sure Lois wanted to see Sammy as well as wanted me to train the intern....
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I think today wore sammy out, he's really cranky this evening with no particular reason why. He just seems overtired, but can't seem to settle down. He's in his crib now and periodically will start howling for thirty second intervals, then fall asleep again. Possibly a cross between gas and overstimulation. (hey, apparently I had the exact same digestive issues as a baby-- but worse. Says my mom today)

But it was a good day in general: it was Sammy's baptism! I stayed up when he woke me for his 6:30 feeding so I could go out and plant the tomatoes (which I didn't get to after I bought them yesterday) and shower, and spent the morning tidying the house a bit and feeding sammy again and also eating. The plan was that I would go to noon Mass (and my family came too), and then Jason would bring Sammy afterward (since the baptism was after Mass), so he could be put into his nice outfit at the last minute rather than spit up on it and so he wouldn't have to cry through Mass. This turned out not to be a problem because Sammy ended up sleeping all that time anyway-- even while being put into his new outfit. Of course, he STARTED sleeping-- and soundly-- at about 11, so though I MEANT to feed him one last time before I left, I didn't want to wake him, so of course when he finally DID wake up RIGHT before the baptism began he was STARVING, but seemed calmed enough by Jason's finger and by the interesting new sights and smells of the service so that he wasn't INCONSOLABLE until the very end, and was generally very well-behaved-- even seemed to be enjoying himself some of the time! There was one other baby being baptised at that time-- he had an older sister who decided it would be fun to play in the baptismal font during his baptism-- I thought that was pretty funny. Anyway, it was all really nice and I felt really happy. And his name sounded really nice when the priest said it, nicer than I'd even thought it sounded before (and nicer than the other baby's name I think, too). Think it really is his proper spiritual name.

Then afterward we went home and ate fruit and dip and Sammy opened presents-- okay, I opened presents for sammy. He got lots of BOOKS-- most of which were religious in nature, obviously, but two of those were actually written by a woman who used to go to the Weirs' (actually the Beeghleys') church, which was cool; and he also got a Mother Goose collection which shockingly we didn't have yet, and a book about a knight and a dragon, which I thought was very appropriate. And he got an engraved Noah's Ark bank that said "Sam I Am" and a ball with a bell in it, which I think we will have a lot of fun with. And I got two mother's day cards. My parents found one that was for Daughter's First Mother's Day and my sibs one for Sister's First. They make cards for EVERY possibility, don't they? We were saying how amazing it is that we've got this wall of baby cards, many of which are specifically BOY baby cards, and we didn't get a SINGLE DUPLICATE. Anyway, we were going to have a late lunch that my parents were bringing, except they forgot it at home-- well, they forgot the main course, they brought salad and bread and of course the fruit dip appetizer; so my dad ran out and got these pre-marinated pork tenderloins at shopnsave which Jason then grilled-- they turned out Pretty Awesome. And there was also chocolate-chocolate cake made by Mim-mim. We had a nice afternoon, and since everyone else was holding Sammy, I lost track and fell asleep on the couch and everyone let me! That's just all you need, there.

And of course in the middle of typing this Sammy woke up for REAL, crying in a "feed me, change me" way instead of an "oh my god the world is so terrible get me off it now" way, so I went through the whole bedtime routine since it was time for that, and that successfully settled him right asleep, so now I will join him. In being asleep. I get my own bed, which fits me much better than a bassinet.
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