I know how you feel!

Date: 2017-02-12 09:48 am (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
Finding out about ADD or ADHD years later gives you that "AH HA!" moment. You don't use it as an excuse. The funny thing is you realize that's why things happened the way they did. It's not because you were lazy, stupid, or what ever. It's not your fault.
When they said I had it, I felt a relief. (Uncle Greg said I was the poster child) Yep, the inner you can be a real jerk. It's like isn't there another nice me that will tell me I'm not so bad?
I had to go to a doctor that would always ask Greg "She still making you crazy Greg?" Oh, great, he's a big help for Greg, not me. I was there to learn how to use my time and how to be on time. He'd show me pictures of other patients who were doctors kept a messy house. Uh, not helping. I finally had to teach myself how to do somethings. At work if I was 5 minutes early or on time I'd yell woohoo's I punched in. They'd laugh but I'd tell them, I really try hard to get here on time. I'm finally getting on time. Well after 15 years, I retire on Wednesday. I learned and doing better though!
Gramma was such a great teacher. She was consistent with me. Still, I'm the goofy one. Which is ok with me. :-)
I've learned to breathe... it really does help. Humor works wonders. Music always helps. I still get things misplaced, have stacks of things I'll get to later. There's lots of help. If you're like me it takes forever to ask for it. There's a lot of good things about ADHD. Lots of other things worse. Take one thing at a time. That way you won't always be overwhelmed. It's taking me years to realize the jerk in my head is just a bully. Always know we know you are smart, beautiful,talented, and funny. We love you bunches too. Take the time and soon you will learn that too. xoxo
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