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Been having a bad week. When I say that, there's usually nothing actually BAD happening IN my LIFE, it just means my mental/emotional imbalances are acting up again. That's the case here. I feel like my brain has been invaded by seven billion voices shouting for help. I can't handle the weight of it. And as I struggle to shoulder that weight while my own life slowly succumbs to entropy, I feel guilty about my inability to handle this all. So that weighs me down further. I know with my brain that all this weight isn't mine to carry, that I need to let it go, offer it up to God, lean on a support system of some sort, but knowing with your brain and being ACTUALLY ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH what your brain says you ought to are very different things.

Facebook did a thing the other day. Now, I must say, I've been avoiding Facebook a lot. It's a shame because more actual people I know spend time there than on Twitter, but the algorithms make such a mess of things that I just simply DON'T LIKE trying to read my feed. I go to check notifications, and every so often I'll read what I can see. Like how on Twitter I'm a chronic ReTweeter, and on Tumblr I ONLY ever reblog, I "share posts" a lot on Facebook, more than I post original content. Now, apparently someone didn't like my political sharing? Because I got blocked from sharing. Actually for 24 hours I was blocked from posting ANYTHING. Now it seems I can, say, post the word "testing," but it still won't let me SHARE posts. Even, apparently, when they're MY post.

Because Facebook likes to show you "memories," what you posted on this date in a different year, and offers to let you share it again. Yesterday it showed me this LiveJournal entry, on being Pro-Life. I was kind of curious if the entry still reflected my feelings or if it would show me my naivety of two years ago. On the contrary, I found it strangely inspiring. I clicked "Share" on the FB Memories post and typed this into the "say something about this" box:

Me from two years ago encouraged me today, to keep speaking what I know is right, even if no one agrees with me.

Look (going off on a tangent here): I have spent my entire life being silenced. I was laughed at and shamed to the point where I was, rightly, voted Shyest in my high school class. I still struggle to speak, both literally and figuratively. When people tell me "You're wrong" I shut up, feeling like everyone else must know something I don't, everyone else must be smarter than me, even when I know deep inside that I am right. I am SICK of being silenced, of being belittled, of not being taken seriously. I am SICK of buying the lie that everyone else knows something I don't, that everyone else has some vital bit of worth that I'm lacking. I am SICK of hating myself. And darnit, when I know, deep inside, that I'm right about something, I NEED to speak up. I NEED to let my unique outlook shine even if it doesn't jive up with everyone else's. ESPECIALLY when it doesn't jive up with everyone else's. I don't know who reported me for something yesterday that had my Facebook account locked up for 24 hours, but dude, why you trying to shut up the Shyest Girl of Derry Class of '96? I've had enough of being shut up. It's more than time I start making noise.*

*(Note: this is still really hard: I'm fighting against some really strong internal Shut-Up-Amy demons. I speak determinedly but I could still use support. I had a REALLY rough I-should-just-die day yesterday. Encouragement is never wasted).

Except when I hit post, it told me I was still blocked from sharing.

You see the irony, here, right?

I copied the comment into my email drafts and tried posting again from different computers and devices-- no luck! I figured I'd just give it up, because it's really not important, yadda yadda yadda.

Except the irony nagged at me. I couldn't write a screed about being sick of not speaking up, and then not actually POST it.

So this morning I saw this hanging around my email and knew I had to put it SOMEWHERE to get it off my chest before I could move on to anything else.

Because my brain is still too heavy to function well, but now it's just this tiny bit lighter.

As long as LiveJournal doesn't decide to crap out on me just as I hit "Post" now.

Date: 2016-10-06 06:21 pm (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
I had no idea Facebook could do that. That's pretty creepy, actually. When everyone has the option of blocking people they don't want to see posts from, why is there an option to completely block a person from posting?

Don't stop making noise. Your voice does need to be heard.

Date: 2016-10-07 12:15 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I think it's more about "reporting a person for spam/inappropriate posts" or something. I can't even say that's what happened, except I hadn't been posting excessively and no one noticed any unusual activity as if I'd been hacked or anything, so the only option left was that someone took offense to the point that they REPORTED me for spam whether or not I actually was. My last post was a link to an article about how voting for the Trumpmonster was incredibly anti-Christian so rethink your political biases, and now that post is mysteriously no longer on my Timeline, and this election is making people SUPER ON EDGE so...?

Date: 2016-10-06 10:04 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
The Book of Face is weird.
It hates anything right-of-center or pro-life -- been blocked/banned many times. we joke about being in "Facebook jail"

Date: 2016-10-07 12:25 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Oh, the post that appears to have been the issue was definitely not right-of-center, it was screamingly anti-the-GOP-Candidate. It wouldn't have been Facebook itself, the article had been shared by many other people. It was someone on MY Friends list who was sick of me posting stuff they disagreed with, apparently.

I thought it might have been confusing when I referred to being unable to share the old post of my own, but that was because I was blocked from sharing ANYTHING at that point. So, the pro-life post wasn't the thing that got protested, that was just the one I couldn't reshare because I was already in Facebook Jail.

Date: 2016-10-14 01:05 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I've long been under the impression that Facebook changes constantly to make sure no one understands how it works.

Date: 2016-10-15 06:48 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I think that literally might be it! I have Social Fixer installed on Chrome to help sort out the mess that is Facebook, but it seems like every time Facebook updates it messes with the code JUST to make Social Fixer go all buggy. The poor guy is always struggling to keep up with it. One time after it had gone all buggy I uninstalled Social Fixer, only to discover Facebook without Social Fixer had gotten so confusing and annoying that I immediately reinstalled Social Fixer AND donated to the guy's PayPal fund. He's doing God's Work, dangit!

Date: 2016-10-15 04:29 am (UTC)From: (Anonymous)
Wow, you aren't alone! Now, I was always told to leave a room. Shut up would go with that too. It's Fall, time for Seasonal Depression! I love ya! xoxoxo


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