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Just quickly here, I'm bursting with pride this morning in the light of the last post I wrote. This morning the kids burst into my room in effort to either wake me up or get into all the fun stuff we keep hidden from them in there-- probably the latter, because that's what they DID. Anyway, my three-year-old picks up her dad's emergency flashlight and shines it on the piece of paper sitting there, and begins, with a dramatic flourish, to "read."

"Once upon a time, there was a Madeleine walking to the park with her Mommy. They were going to see Sammy at school. Sammy... Sammy again. THERE'S my name! There's my name AGAIN!" because at this point she'd gotten distracted trying to find words she knew on the page (neither of those names were actually on the page, incidentally).

Then she got back on track, but wasn't pretending to read anymore: she was just excited to tell everyone her story. "Madeleine and Mommy went to the park with THE EASTER BUNNY! The Easter Bunny wrapped up EGGS for them for a surprise!" And then her speech dissolved into gibberish while I quickly grabbed my paper journal to write this story down for posterity.

Meanwhile her brother, the future engineer, was systematically deconstructing my sewing machine, so I realized I'd better get moving and herd them out of there.

Look, I'm not trying to force my kids down any particular career paths here. I'm just making the observations.

Anyway, so I was mightily impressed with the structure of that story, made up off the top of a three-year-old's head. So that's my brag for today.
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