Dec. 31st, 2009

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I've been working on these in bits and pieces and just might post it BEFORE 2009 ends (in some time zone)! I have a books of the decade list too-- I'll get to that one soon too. Be patient.

It would be nice if I could do songs of the year/decade as well, but I can't think of any that really stand out (and that I know the actual titles of). I'm not sure I even know the names of the songs I HATE, though that list is probably more interesting. No, much as I do have that "rockin'" in my username, the "librarian" part is the only one I've really kept up with, which is why you're stuck reading about my taste in books YET AGAIN. Because I'm typing this paragraph last, I can say that, it's funny, I tend to actually INFORM you about what the book is ABOUT more consistently at the TOP of this list, but dwindle away to just going on about my OPINIONS on the books the farther down this list (and back in time) you get. I think I'm interesting the whole way through, but that's me. Let's begin:

Okay, I thought I read a lot more new books this year than I did. What actually HAPPENED, I think, was I read a lot of 2008 books very early in 2009, at which point they were still "new books," but now I really don't know where I can properly draw the line. When I pulled out all the book titles I read that I figured might make a Top Books I Read List, then pulled out all the 2009 titles, I had less than 10! And I only (going back to the original list) read like 12 or 13 2009 books, total! So, I'm not doing a top ten. I'm doing several separate Favorites of The Year lists instead.

So, Favorite 2009 Books Read in 2009! In author order, because not only can't I get ten of them, I can't decide how I want to rank them, either.
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So, to fix the whole "I read a lot of new books but they were really from last year" problem, here is my Top Ten(ish) 2008 Books Read In 2009:
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Finally, I will do the Best Stuff From Years BEFORE 2008 that I Read in 2009, except that if I truly did that, about 2/3s of the list would be by Diana Wynne Jones. So I'll try my best to do a no-particular order overview of a variety of titles instead. Many of which are by Diana Wynne Jones.
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SOOO, there's 30-some books I've read this year that I've liked a lot, I'm sure you'll find something YOU like here, too....


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