Jul. 27th, 2009

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Hi whoever is reading this! If you are reading this, even if you just so much as glimpse the entry, leave a comment... yes, no, seriously. This is not a meme, this is just an experiment. But since it is an experiment and not a meme, please don't warp the results by not commenting!

I'm just curious who's reading this. I mean, TOTALLY. Including people who:
--just clicked through from a comment I made somewhere else;
--people who are reading me regularly but don't have livejournals;
--people who have friended me but I haven't friended back;*
--people reading these posts when they automatically become a note on Facebook (yes Aunt Beth, I know you do);
--and yes, I guess, even people I'm actually mutual livejournal friends with-- I know, for example, [livejournal.com profile] revel_starfury hasn't been on lj in approximately two years or so, so seeing who on my own friends list is actually reading this might be interesting as well.

But I'm particularly curious about the lurkers, because, well, you're lurking there, and I wonder, why? How did you find me in the first place, and what makes you stay? What about my journal interests you? I am interested to see how I (and my lj) come across!

But if you are not a lurker, respond anyway! How did you get here and what makes you stay and what do you like, yourself? I don't care that I already know [livejournal.com profile] magnolia___'s answer will be "because you are my sister haha :P <3," write it anyway so as not to skewer the results, and I'm not like, "What the heck, Maggie stopped reading my lj?" :P as she would say.

So, drop me a line! Who's out there? Whatcha doing?

--love, rockinlibrarian

*this is no fault of your own, I should add, I just get picky about friending lately because I spend too much time reading blogs as it is and don't need more people on my friends page unless I'm really interested and/or know them personally at this point.


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