Apr. 8th, 2009

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So I just stumbled upon it and saw that the One Book Every Young Child website has indeed been updated for the Penguin book, and they redesigned it and it looks awesome. At least the main page does. And it is easier to find my Activity Guide than ever. But dude, did they really have to pay NO attention to page breaks when they transferred the file to .pdf form? The utter confusion of it is a bit embarrassing, really. Also, whoever actually line edited my work after I turned it in is ENTIRELY too fond of extraneous commas, which are like my grammar pet peeve! (Example: What I wrote and turned in, page 29: They don't all live at the South Pole-- in fact, no penguins live AT the pole, and only four species of penguins live on the continent of Antarctica at all. Other penguins live in South America, Africa, and Australia. Some even live on the tropical Galapagos Islands! What is in the final product: ...they don't all live at the South Poleā€”in fact, no penguin lives on the Pole itself. With only four species of penguins, who call Antarctica home, other penguins live in South America, Africa, and Australia and even on the tropical Galapagos Islands!) BUT oh well. Once more my work is online for you to browse, just please don't blame me for the editing and formatting problems. :P


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