Jan. 15th, 2009

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This would be a good opportunity to do a bunch of dumb surveys while I wait the half-hour before closing and there is no one here and nothing left to do, but I have not saved any of the surveys anyone else has done lately and wherever they are, they are not recent enough for me to find on the first two pages of my Friends page, so I'm not slogging beyond that. I suppose an even more productive thing would be to write real stuff.

Speaking of writing real stuff, tomorrow I officially turn in One Book Manual 2009, which is not actually officially because now officially we're calling it a GUIDE instead of a Manual, but anyway, whatever it is I'm turning it in tomorrow at the Museum. I've worked out a plan where I will meet my parents at the Museum so that they and Sam can get a chance to play while I get work done. It doesn't seem fair that Sammy never gets a chance to play there since I don't feel like driving into the city EXTRA times if I already had to come in by myself for a meeting or something, so this sounded like a cool alternative. Literally, though-- it's only going up to, like, 7 degrees with a ridiculous wind chill tomorrow. Perhaps this will mean the Museum is Dead and Sam can have it all to himself. But then, perhaps not. I remember a few days like that where I thought any person who wanted to bundle up their children and head out into the cold just to go to a Museum was crazy and then we'd end up curiously busy. But perhaps this was in the later days of my Sam pregnancy when ANY amount of people seemed Exceedingly Busy because any amount of people would mean that stuff would get on the floor that I would need to attempt to pick up.

Apparently that little girl at the AR computer was watching every time I put the password in for her this evening, because she appears to have put it in herself this time. She keeps looking back at me to grin innocently too. Anyway.

So since One Book is done and my temp library job is done and this library is done with Sunday hours, I now will concentrate on at-home projects. At the moment this means taking down Christmas decorations, but I nearly finished that today, too. Next I think I will sort Sam's toys so we can figure out what needs to go where and what needs to be put away and so on. I may also, theoretically, write for fun. I've decided I'm interested in revisiting my Somewhereorother story, because I don't CARE right now that it is JUST another fairy-tale-kingdom story because all I really need to do is start WRITING again, and the whole worrying-about-marketability thing is probably what got me into this mess in the first place, and I've been in a fairy-tale-kingdom sort of mood lately. I'm going to go put the Rebecca userpic up to commemorate this now. Not that the egg man isn't cool or anything.

They have dug a huge hole in the road across from the next-door neighbors' driveway the past two days, and yesterday the water was shut off most of the day (but they turned it on again in the evening) and today they shut it off in the afternoon (I don't know if it's back yet since I'm not home). This reminds me of Angie being grateful for water.

I also got what turned out to be a large cavity filled yesterday, which of course meant I couldn't chew after, which is not a nice thing to do to a pregnant lady. I decided that they at least sold smoothies at the mall, so we went there and took the opportunity to get Sam a pair of boots. Now he has a snowsuit AND boots, so I can't wait to take him out in the snow. This weekend the temps are supposed to make it back up into the 20s, so I guess we'll go out then.

Tuesday I had a check-up and did the 1-hour glucose test, which is the one where they make you drink what is effectively a large glass of flat orange pop with the absolute highest amount of sugar possible dissolved into it and maybe topped off with some corn syrup for the heck of it in one sitting and then you come back in an hour to get blood drawn to see if your body can actually handle that so meanwhile you are SO HYPED UP ON EXTREME SUGAR WATER for the rest of the day. But otherwise the two of us are just fine, though my due date got pushed 4 days later for some reason.

That's it for now-- it's time to close up.


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